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ImageIQ For Aperture is the image search tool missing from Aperture. With ImageIQ, you search for images, not their metadata. Visually similar images are tagged with a keyword that includes the name of the image you are searching for.

ImageIQ uses the same algorithms found in the latest versions of Aperture Duplicate Detector (ADD) and ADD For iPhoto. These algorithms visually profile your images and ImageIQ searches for similarities. It works to find these similarities independent of file format and image size. Most color adjustments are also detected.


Using ImageIQ is pretty straight forward.

  1. Launch Aperture
  2. Launch ImageIQ For Aperture
  3. Your entire library will be loaded into ImageIQ. ImageIQ will also detect any images previously analyzed for visual similarity by ImageIQ in ADD. If you have images still not analyzed by ImageIQ, simply hit the “Analyse/Refresh” button to complete your library.
  4. Select how sensitive you wish your searches to be. The default setting is appropriate for most cases. However, you can adjust the setting for your situation. The “Most Similar” settings makes ImageIQ much more selective in the searches such that only very similar will get tagged. “Less Similar” means that it will accept images with more differences as being similar.
  5. Select an image within Aperture that you want to search for.
  6. Back over to ImageIQ and move on to “Detect Similars”
  7. Start your search. ImageIQ will tag all images in your library that are similar to your selection with a keyword that includes the name of the image you are searching for.
  8. See your results. Back over in Aperture go to the all Photos library search for the ImageIQ keyword optionally followed by the name of the image you were searching for.

A note about supplying the Library to ImageIQ

When ImageIQ asks for the Aperture library, it does so so that it doesn't have to ask Aperture to do an original export. ImageIQ will figure out the location of the version on it's own which translates to much faster access. If it can't figure out the location it will still ask Aperture for an export. That being said, speed is still related to the size of the versions being analyzed.

If you do not supply ImageIQ with the Library when it asks; ImageIQ asks Aperture to export the original. This means that any adjustments made within Aperture are disregarded and ImageIQ has an easier time dealing with crops and colour corrections made within Aperture. If a library is specified, ImageIQ gets an adjusted version of the image (with crops and colour corrections) and thus images may have more differences. However, it's a matter of trade-off. Exporting images out of Aperture takes time. While reading directly from the file system the adjusted version is very quick.