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ADD For iPhoto Help

Step 1: Ensure iPhoto and ADD For iPhoto are running.

Step 2: Start a scan. Your options are:

Scan Library - Does a full scan of all images in your library and performs ImageIQ on potential duplicates.

Scan Selection - Within iPhoto, select the images you wish to have processed. ADD will scan only the selected images and perform ImageIQ on potential duplicates.

ImageIQ Selection - Finds visually similar images in the images you have selected in iPhoto.

ADD for iPhoto will never delete anything. Detected duplicates are simply tagged with keywords. They are: ADD Unique, ADD Processed, Date Duplicate, Filename Duplicate, Hash Duplicate, Hash Original, Hash [x] Set:[], ADD Similar [x]

You might also want to investigate some of the Advanced Options ADD For iPhoto has to offer. For example, there is an Auto-Reject option in preferences that will declare an original and put the remaining Hash Duplicates in iPhoto's Trash. You can review the rejected images and empty the Trash when satisfied.

When processing is complete, check your keywords for Hash Duplicate, Date Duplicate, or Filename Duplicate. . . . If you've used ImageIQ look for "ADD Similar 0" through to "ADD Similar 8".

It certainly makes the chore of de-duping easier.