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Automatic updates will fail for versions 3.3.0 and earlier.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Users will need to manually update from our website or download it directly.

Version Notes

Removes Aperture version restriction for demo mode.

Previous Release Notes

Version 3.4.5 Notes

Bug fixes including a Aperture communication timeout issue affecting only a few macs.

Version 3.4.4 Notes

Bug fixes in propagating metadata which could cause a crash.

Version 3.4.3 Notes

Bug fixes. Fixes situation that prevented Lion users from using selection mode scans. Protects against rare crash during data loading stage when the library path is supplied.

Version 3.4.2 Notes

Bug fixes. Corrects crash when library configured in preferences is incorrect. Fixes problem where image comments are not propagated to all necessary duplicates when configured to do so.

Version 3.4.1 Notes

New selection scan mode to compare selected images against entire library. Enhanced tooltips and help. Greatly enhanced performance when library path is supplied in options. Various bug fixes.

Version 3.3.1 Notes

Changes how the application displays demo mode versus registered mode.

Version 3.3 Notes

Prevents machine from sleeping while scanning. New ETA estimates and counter indicating potential number of exact duplicates. Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version Notes

Enables demo mode to work with Aperture version 3.5

Version 3.2.5 Notes

Minor UI Tweaks. Adds a crash reporter subsystem.

Version Notes

Various optimizations to improve scan peformance. Bug fixes related only to demo mode.

Version 3.2.4 Notes

Filename and Date duplicate checking enhanced to find more of these potential duplicate types.

Version 3.2.3 Notes

Auto-Reject now applies only the "Hash Original" keyword to the declared originals. Updated application icon. Aperture 3.4.4 tested.

Version 3.2.2 Notes

Drastically reduced memory usage during loading of a library. Better progress indications during loading and Auto-ImageIQ phases. Updated Help files and links to support page. Bug fixes for Lion users.

Version 3.1.2 Notes

Demo mode now allows a full library scan to be initiated. Minor UI tweaks on alert dialogs.

Version 3.0.10 Notes

Bug fixes including rare, but critical, case where Aperture reports a bad EXIF date for image(s). Thanks to A.R. for the bug report.

Version 3.0.7 Notes

Bug fixes and reliability enhancements when communicating with Aperture.

Version 3.0.6 Notes

Bug fixes. Better performance when library is specified in options. Library scan now filters out image versions that are not from projects (such as photo streams).

Version 3.0.4 Notes

Aperture 3.4.3 tested.

In app help greatly expanded. More tooltips in preferences. Bug fixes. Time during loading stage displayed as local time. Improved ImageIQ processing which handles 90 degree rotations as similar.

Version 3.0.3 Notes

Bug fixes for some intermittent and problematic library loading problems. Handle case where Aperture fails to export a file.

Aperture 3.4.2 tested.

Version 3.0.2 Notes

ADD Version 3.0.2 is now available. This release contains significant new features for ease of use including an automatic hash mode, run time duplicate statistics, and selection free scanning.

-Auto Hash Mode - The new default for the hash method employed by ADD is Automatic mode. ADD will select the best algorithm when processing hash duplicate sets. Basically, if more than two images have the same file size SHA1 will be used. If only two images share a file size, then a direct comparison is made.

-Auto-Reject - This optional mode will declare an original image and set the ratings of the duplicates to reject. You can trash them if you are satisfied. Don't forget to empty your trash.

-Scan Library - You no longer need to select images. Using library scan, ADD will process all images in your library.

-Scan Selection - Only the images you have selected from your library will be scanned. -ImageIQ Selection - Performs ImageIQ on the images you have selected. -Auto-ImageIQ - Scan Library and Scan Selection both will automatically perform ImageIQ on potential duplicates. You can turn this off in preferences.

-Run Time Statistics - Constant feedback on the number of duplicates ADD has found. -Constant Feedback - ADD will now by default show the image being processed and what is being done.

-Bug fixes related to Aperture sync with Photo Stream interacting with ADD and images with no filename or date

Version 2.5.7 Notes

Aperture 3.4 tested. Various UI improvements. Demo mode now supports V3.4.

Version 2.5.6 Notes

Minor UI change and reduced peak memory footprint.

Version 2.5.5 Notes

ImageIQ now supports all image formats supported by iPhoto including RAW. Fixed crash with unsupported RAW formats. Comprehensive mode speed improvements and tagging occurs near the end of the scan for efficiency.

Version 2.5.4 Beta Notes

Fixed a crash in ImageIQ that happened with some file formats.

Version 2.5.1 Beta Notes

This beta adds a complete re-written comprehensive mode and it is way faster and more tolerant to corrupt Aperture Libraries. ImageIQ memory usage is way down too.

Version 2.5 Beta Notes

This is a beta version of ADD V2.5 containing ImageIQ. ImageIQ finds visually similar images. Full details on our website. The simple mode has been completely rewritten for speed.

Version 2.4.2 Notes

New info on main window. Bug fixes.

Version 2.4.1 Notes

Bug fixes.

Version 2.4 Notes

A significant speed improvement. Currently an option in preferences. Select the Library tab and point ADD to the location of your Aperture Library. Bug fixes, including better handling of corrupt Aperture libraries and 0 dimension images. Better error reporting. Also includes 2.3.1 updates: New preferences layout to clean up interface and make it easier to use. Also improved alert dialogs to provide more information.

Version 2.3 Notes

New feature for licensed users. Tag duplicate hash images with their unique id. Check preferences to enable. With this feature, you can filter on a set of duplicates directly within Aperture. Adding a license enables all licensed features without needing a restart.

Version 2.2 Notes

Bug Fixes. Synchronized version between all products. New feature for licence owners only... ability to select Hashing algorithm. Direct compare, SHA1, MD5, MD4, and MD2 options. You can get a licence by donating.

Version 1.14 Notes

Bug fixes and some cleaning up of UI.

Version 1.13 Notes

Many new features Propagate Comments and Propagate Ratings. Preferences panel looks a little better now. Major Speed enhancements. This version is close to 2x in simple mode, and 10x in comprehensive mode.

-Fix a date duplicate bug that taged images with the same date, but had different dimensions.

-Test for offline files and skip hash test if the image is offline.

Version 1.11 Notes

Release candidate with a nicer presentation on the main window.

Version 1.10 Notes

Added ability to pause and cancel a running scan. Memory usage perfectly stable now.

Version 1.9 Notes

Fixed the runaway memory usage during a scan, especially in comprehensive mode. There was a nasty bug in the applscriptobjc framework that had to be worked around.

Version 1.8 Notes

A display bug was still causing sporadic crashes. It should really be squashed now.

Two new user options.
1. Tag Unique images. Go to ADD->preferences to enable. When enabled and running in comprehensive mode, all absolutely unique images will be tagged as "ADD Unique".
2. Show currently processed images. Again, configured in preferences. This mode displays a counter for the base image being processed, along with the filenames.


Fixed a display bug and potential crash. Also, a new user preference from ADD->preferences is available so that all processed images are taged as ADD Tags->ADD Processed.


Disabled sandboxing until automatic update issue is resolved. Require Lion once again. UI behaves much better now. You can properly use the UI while processing for duplicates. Also includes a new preference panel. Currently only checking for updates can be configured. The remaining options are disabled in anticipation of upcoming new features.


Removed dependencies on external utilities such as shasum and rm. This version is a little faster ~10% and fully sandboxed. Notes: Seems that there is a crash when using ADD and snow leopard (OS X 10.6). Since I don't have a 10.6 machine I can't test it. Therefore ADD will become Lion (10.7) again in the next release. If you have been using ADD with 10.6 successfully please let me know so I can reconsider the decision. Alert: automatic updates was broken in V1.5 due to sandboxing. If upgrading from 1.5 please manually download the latest release from this site. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Now with support for Aperture 3.3.1 and snow leopard (OS X 10.6).


Properly handle images whose filenames contain special characters. Handle problems when images have 0 length, or missing references.


Version updates should be good to go now. Added basic helpbook to Help->ADD Help. Removed version number from main window.


Nothing to report here other than a test of version and update framework.


New autoupdate code via the sparkle framework.


New *temporary* icon until I find something appropriate. Lots of other changes including progress indications, about dialog with links to support email and web page. This version should also be faster in processing. Lots of under the hood changes for future functionality. And the application is now code signed with our developer ID. :) There is a regression in quit behaviour. Must force quit at the moment and no confirmation dialog is presented. Looks like dialog box timeout errors are resolved.


Fixed quit behaviour so quit dialog is not displayed when processing completes normally.


Added ability to terminate long running detections via the ADD menu bar.